Top 10 destinations for poker fans

When planning your next vacation destination, why not forget the travel agency recommendations and chose a vacation around your hobbies like wsop online poker? So where better, some of these last minute summer vacation than basking in the glow and warmth of the world’s best poker destinations spend. Below you can see what are currently the top 10 hottest places for poker lovers to go everywhere and enjoy their summer – no matter what your budget, there is something for everyone and for sunnier destinations whip out those poker sunglasses!

1. Las Vegas, Nevada

The most famous gambling city of the world, there is nowhere in the world that poker is doing just like in Las Vegas. Home to the largest cash game action and the world’s richest poker tournament in the World Series of Poker Main Event. It does not matter whether you are working to a budget or have plenty of money to splash around, you will be getting something right for you to find on the Las Vegas Strip. If you are new to the poker scene, you can either play Texas Hold ’em at low buy-in daily tournaments Treasure Iceland, or try the Mirage and the Imperial Palace for more low-budget action. And if you win big and chic celebrate, you never have to look far for a night club or hotel. Remember that you can not get rakeback at live casinos!

2. Monte Carlo, Monaco

Monte Carlo Casino is royalty, famous looking for James Bond and F1 racer to spend some of their millions at the tables and therefore not suitable for those who want to travel on a budget, but if you are willing to splurge out and are living in luxury for a while, then this might be the place for you. Between the French and Italian borders Tucked away on the Mediterranean, offers Monte Carlo with all your champagne and caviar dreams. The European Poker Tour Grand Final – In a place where 25 is the standard price for a cheeseburger, it is not surprising that Monte Carlo is home to Europe’s richest poker tournament come. If you feel like living the James Bond lifestyle and possibly spotting a celebrity or two head over to Monte Carlo Grand Casino.

3. London, GB

Of course, no one really needs, recalled that London seen as a major tourist attraction in the world. What with the wide selection of theaters, the rich history, royal parks, museums, galleries and the massive London Eye with view over the city – you are bound to find something to keep you entertained for days. But London is also home to some of the world’s poker elite. Every year in September, the World Series of Poker Europe rises on London and the European Poker Tour in the UK keep taking place in the city. There are a number of casinos and poker clubs to visit, some of the best known are the Grosvenor Victoria and Empire. And for American poker players for the English Poker Open in September, so it is recommended taking into account that the pound be so fallen dramatically against the dollar, so that now a better time than ever to London over head.

4. Paradise Iceland, Bahamas

Paradise Iceland has made quite a name in the poker world, now as an official stop on the European Poker Tour. Each year in January this small island in the Bahamas is visited by poker players from around the world for the Poker Caribbean Adventure. The Atlantis Resort is the perfect place for poker players traveling with families. Needless to say, make a trip to the Bahamas for a fantastic family holiday with great beaches and some amazing pools.

5. Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne is also home to the largest casino in the southern hemisphere, such as Melbourne Crown Casino known. Each year in January the Casino Aussie Millions houses and is also home to two hotels; The four star Crown Promenade and the height of luxury Crown Towers. Australia is perhaps best known for its laid-back beach culture and beautiful scenery of the promotion of a free lifestyle known, but Poker in Australia is absolutely booming, still learning with many players in the casinos, the complexity of the game, if you are an experienced player is Australia primed for the benefit of some cash game action that could blow you to take!

6. Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is already a popular European tourist destination. The sandy beaches, beautiful scenery and a roaring nightlife all help attract tourists to the city. There is also a state known as Casino Casino De Barcelona. It is modern, sleek, and home to some of the wildest cash games in Europe. Poker lovers can already see Barcelona as a hot poker European Poker target as the European tournament stops here every September for the Barcelona Open.

7. Dublin, Ireland

There is a rich poker history in the city of Dublin. Much of the local community are big time poker player – populate her card clubs like the jackpot and Fitzwilliam. Poker players can best be seen Dublin to host the country’s longest running major tournament, the Irish Poker Open every year. Dublin is also home to the European Deep Stack Championship, where a 1,500 buy-in gives players 50,000 starting chips and blinds starting at 25/50. You will also find a massively large selection of pubs and bars to choose from in Dublin choose, many of which host pub poker leagues. So both recent and serious poker players something to quench their thirst poker when they are on holiday.

8. Macau, China

Macau is the gaming capital of the East, with a phenomenal 28 casinos, including the massive Venetian Macau. The Venetian Macau is known for Las Vegas regulars who know of its counterpart – the two are very similar. Poker is still a relatively new introduction to the casinos in Macau, but since its introduction two years ago, the game has really begins and grown in popularity. And for those who play a bit of a sightseeing and do their favorite game want on holiday, Hong Kong is easily accessible from Macau.

9. San Jose, Costa Rica

San Jose, a small Central American country is already a famous holiday destination for its beautiful scenery. There are waterfalls, orchid gardens, and volcanoes all very close to the city. With surfers to San Jose looking for the beaches and the thrill that moved to the city for tours of the shelter and a zip-lines through the trees you can not say that it is not for everyone. And this includes poker lovers. Poker is legal here and there are dozens of casinos to choose from. San Jose is also home to a station on the Latin American Poker Tour PokerStars. This tour offers a $ 3,500 Main Event that a million dollar prize pool last season boasted.

10. Los Angeles, CA

If you’re a sucker for Southern California vacation, then you’ll already know about the shopping, the beautiful beaches and – of course – Disneyland. But it may come as a surprise that it will come here in Las Angeles, and not Las Vegas, where you can find the world’s largest poker room. In the Commerce Casino, you will find two cavernous poker rooms with a low limit range, which has more than 100 tables. You can find some of the juiciest cash games on the planet and about 800 players in a tournament at the Commerce Casino. Not only that, but there are other casinos just a short distance from the Commerce Casino, Hollywood Park and as Larry Flynt’s Hustler Casino.

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