Bright Future for Mobile Casinos

New mobile casinos and gambling applications are springing up every week because of the steady growth of the mobile market and mobile casino industry sub-sector in particular. Will this trend continue and what factors it depends?
The first and most important aspect of any business is the demand. The demand for mobile casino applications and websites is really huge. No matter how much some players enjoy the atmosphere of the land-based casinos, most of them are just too busy to go to the location, as many times as they want. Needless to say, that as long as mobile devices are always on the fingertip, the people to embrace the idea of mobile gaming start. Probably the new generations of casino players will not even consider playing any other way.
Mobile Casino operators and app developers are really interested in turn satisfy growing customer demand. More and more applications are free, which is important, because even if the app costs around $ 1, there are still those who would rather not play, offered as a reward. In fact, it is even necessary to download anything, since many online casinos offer fully functional mobile versions of their websites.
The emergence of new mobile devices is another factor to the growth of mobile casino industry. App developers, so the more sophisticated mobile devices are all the advantages of the new technology, the more advanced mobile casino applications we are to download. Today we are the benefits of touch screen technology, who knows what else we enjoy in one or two years after introduction of new equipment.
Another influencing factor is the regulation of mobile gambling. It is obvious that each country is interested in supporting this industry as long as it puts money in an amount. The main problem now is that the governments of many countries are not quite sure exactly how to control this relatively new industry. Unfortunately, it is players who are suffering from short-sighted actions of the government in the first place and it will remain so until some decent law will come.
Green light earlier this year Apple-real-money gambling apps in its App Store for the first time. Although their policy tends to be changeable, there is still hope that they do not prohibit applications that are preferred by millions of players.
GBGC has published a report on mobile gaming recently. According to their calculations, the global m-gambling market in the amount of 2.7 billion US dollars in gross gaming yield (GGY) in 2010. It was expected that the market will reach $ 4.8 billion by 2013 which will account for 11% of the total gambling market Interactive.

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